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Compensation for Woman for Facial Burns Caused by Defective Product

Our legal experts helped a woman recover more than £1,000 in compensation after she suffered facial burns.

The woman purchased a facial hair remover. She read the instructions very carefully and followed each step by step. 

Even though she doesn’t wear make-up, our client washed her face to ensure that the skin was clean. She tried a small area of her skin just at the side of her face near to her chin bone. She left it for about 4 hours and as there was no irritation with the patch test she had carried out, she continued to use the product and carried on with the rest of the instructions.

Our client stood in front of the mirror and used her hand to stretch out the skin so that it was smooth and proceeded to use the hair remover as per the instructions with very gentle movements. She continued with very gentle movements until the hair had disappeared. 

The following day she was distressed and noticed that she had sustained friction type burns to her face and there was a wound that was weeping.

Medical evidence confirmed that she had sustained a superficial friction burn to the upper lip and the wound healed in about 3 to 4 weeks.  However, she had residual scarring for 14 to 16 months until the scar faded completely.

She received compensation in the sum of £1,200 albeit without any admission of liability and her legal costs were also paid.

If a defective product has caused you an injury or made you ill, our personal injury lawyers could help you claim compensation. See our Product Liability Claims page for more information.

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