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Compensation For Glasgow Woman Attacked At Work

The Scottish Personal Injury team represents a lady who was injured whilst at work.

In September 2008 our client was working in a care home in Glasgow. This was a home that provided a care facility for people with learning difficulties.

The Council moved a 61-year-old woman into the care home. The woman had a violent disposition, was schizophrenic and had been in a psychiatric unit for thirty years. No risk assessment had been carried out prior to the transfer of this woman to the care home.

In September 2008 our client was attacked by this woman. When the attack happened she and another colleague were attending to the resident for personal care. 

The resident struck our client hard on her head, grabbed her and pulled her to the ground. Our client suffered injuries to her neck, shoulder and lower back. She also suffered bruising to her arm and damage to her nose. Our client continues to suffer significant post-traumatic stress disorder.

The specialist team in our Glasgow office successfully made a claim against our client’s employers. Irwin Mitchell claimed that there had been a failure by the employers to carry out a risk assessment prior to the transfer of the woman from the psychiatric unit to the care home, staff were not supplied with training and there had been a breach of policy. 

Elaine Russell, Partner in Personal Injury in Glasgow said “Our client has been significantly injured as a result of this attack. It is vital that employers follow the correct risk assessments and practices to ensure that all employees are provided with a safe working environment. It is important to highlight the risks to employees of employers not following correct processes to ensure lessons are learnt and hopefully avoid incidents of this type in future.”

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