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£60,000 Compensation For 8yr Old Injured At Caravan Park

Compensation of £60,000 has been agreed for an 8-year-old West Midlands girl who was run over by a car at a caravan park whilst she was on holiday with her family.

When the girl was 6, she was run over by another holidaymaker whilst she was playing with friends outside her family tent. She suffered major orthopaedic injuries to her legs, though thankfully she has made a very good recovery.

Stephen Nye of Irwin Mitchell in Birmingham dealt with the claim and commented: “This was a terrible case, the girl being injured whilst on holiday, a time which she should have been enjoying with her family. On this occasion the accident was caused by the car driver failing to pay proper attention to the road, rather than any excess speed.

"The impact speed was probably less than 10mph, but this case illustrates that impacts at such speeds can still cause very serious injuries to young children. It serves as a reminder that drivers must remain vigilant at all times, especially when children are likely to be around”.

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