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Compensation for Woman for Medical Negligence After Riding Accident

In 2008, Jill Maples was riding her horse on the Harwood Estate. Her leg was trapped in a gate, and a protruding bar penetrated her leg just above her ankle, passing through her chaps, riding boots, jodhpurs and socks.

The ambulance service had to cut Jill free and take her to hospital. Despite the ambulance service, A&E doctor and plastic surgeon noting that the bar had gone through her leg, the hospital failed to explore to the base of the wound, and so clothing was left in the wound, preventing it from healing.
Due to the hospital’s negligence, Jill required two further surgical operations and she continues to suffer from swelling, a loss of flexibility in her leg and has severe scarring making her want to keep her legs hidden. 

Jill came to Rachelle Mahapatra at Irwin Mitchell for assistance with her claim against the hospital and we have succeeded in reaching a settlement of £16,500.

As a result of the compensation, Jill is now able to have a camouflage infill, making the scar much less visible, and giving her increased confidence. Jill has since been in touch to say she was very happy with the service provided, and was delighted with the settlement.

If you or a loved one has suffered as a result of hospital negligence, we may be able to help you claim compensation. See our Medical Negligence Guide for more information.

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