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Work Injury Leads To Loss Of Finger Tips

A Midlands man receives a four figure out of Court settlement after an accident at work resulted in lost of the tip of his left ring finger.

The 33 year old windscreen technician sustained the injury in February 2006. Our client was occasionally required to undertake repairs of windscreen wipers when replacing customers’ windscreens. However, he had not received any formal training in performing such a task. Whilst attempting to fix a wiper, our client’s left ring finger became caught by the wiper motor, causing him injury.

Our client has been left with permanent scarring and shortening of the finger and occasional pins and needles in the finger.

The claim was fully denied by his employer and Court proceedings were commenced.

The matter settled out of Court in September 2009, three months before the anticipated trial date.

Miss Toni Long of Irwin Mitchell’s specialist Fast Track Personal Injury Team who represented our client, said: "It is essential that employers provide their employees with adequate training and supervision and take reasonable steps to minimise the risk of injury. It is extremely unfortunate that this accident has been allowed to happen."

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