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Whiplash Claim Settles for £3,848 Compensation

Our client was the driver of a stationary vehicle in a queue of traffic. The third party driver collided with the rear of his vehicle and shunted him into the vehicle in front.

Our client sustained whiplash injuries as a result of the negligence of the third party driver.

whiplash claim was made to the third party insurers but they denied liability and alleged that their insured party was pushed into our client's vehicle as a result of an unidentified vehicle colliding with her.

Neither our client nor the driver he was shunted into had any knowledge of an unidentified vehicle and he was adamant that the negligence rested with the third party. The third party insurers denied liability for a considerable period of time and an application had to be made to the Motor Insurers Bureau under the untraced driver agreement.

The Motor Insurers Bureau had discussions with the third party insurers who eventually agreed to deal with the matter and admitted liability. However, as compensation settlement could not be achieved, court proceedings were issued.

The whiplash claim settled prior to a final hearing being listed in the sum of £3,848. Costs were also recovered from the third party insurers including the costs of pursuing the Motor Insurers Bureau.

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