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Royal Navy Injury Compensation Claim

An award of £130,000 was agreed on the day of trial on behalf of our client, a former POMEM (E) as a result of injuries he sustained while covering the civilian fire strike in 2003.

Our client became engulfed by a fireball during fire fighting training causing significant mixed depth facial burns and post traumatic stress disorder resulting in his medical discharge from the Royal Navy after 17 years of service.

Liability was denied throughout on behalf of the Ministry of Defence and contributory negligence on the part of the Claimant was alleged. The case proceeded to Trial and settled out of Court on the morning of Trial.

The award took into the account the Claimant’s injuries, and his period of recovery. It also compensated the Claimant for his loss of military career and his pension and terminal grant benefits based upon an extended service career to age 37. The Claimant had been able to obtain well paid civilian employment upon his discharge from the Royal Navy.

If you have been injured while serving in the Navy, you may be entitled to navy accident compensation.

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