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Professional Negligence Claim Against Law Firm

Liz Norris was instructed on behalf of her client who wished to pursue his former solicitors for negligence arising from their conduct of his divorce.

Liz's client had agreed a financial settlement with his ex-wife that required the sale of their former matrimonial home. He had had little or no control over the timing of the sale of the property as a result of his ex-wife continuing to live in it. Delays in the sale meant that her client was responsible for a considerable amount of interest on the sum that it had been agreed he would pay to his ex-wife. His solicitors could, and should, have ensured that the terms of the agreement had been drafted to protect him against interest accruing on the principal sum.

Liz successfully pursued the solicitors. A very beneficial swift settlement was reached and her client, whilst obviously frustrated at having to undertake such action, was delighted to receive substantial damages and his costs of pursuing the claim for negligence.

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