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Man Receives Compensation after Road Accident Leaves Him Tetraplegic

Our serious injury specialists have helped a man to recover compensation after he was seriously injured in a road accident. Our client suffered serious injuries, leaving him a ventilated tetraplegic.

Colin Ettinger, one of our severe injury specialists, said: "The accident that our client was involved in was horrific and has left him with serious lasting injuries. The figure that our client received was appropriate based on his injuries and future requirements. The case is particularly interesting as it examined the factors that contribute to a settlement in a serious neurotrauma case."

The amount of compensation that our client received was assessed against a number of factors, including:

  • The man's promotion prospects at work were thoroughly explored. This meant that a claim for loss of earnings was put forward on the basis of a salary substantially higher than his  immediate pre-accident earnings.

  • Our client's injuries meant he needed to find alternative living accommodation as his previous home was no longer suitable. New accommodation was found and modified for our client’s requirements. The claim was not resolved until it was demonstrated that the accommodation was suitable.

  • A comprehensive care regime was also required. A case manager was appointed and again, settlement was delayed in order to ensure that appropriately qualified carers were recruited. This was to obtain the cost of recruitment, the rate necessary to pay the carers and time allowed to ensure that the care regime worked efficiently.

  • An appropriately modified car was purchased as well as a wheelchair. These were not bought until the necessary expert's advice had been obtained. We ensured that both the car and wheelchair were suitable for the client's needs.

  • Our client had other requirements for various other equipment, therapies and medication, all of which were put in place prior to settlement.

We secured interim payments so that the cost of the accommodation, transport and equipment as well as the cost of the carers could be met before the hearing took place.

We put particular emphasis on ensuring that our client's requirements were met in order to ensure that the accommodation, equipment and care regime were tailored to his needs prior to any settlement.

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