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Five Figure Compensation for Broken Back at Work

Back injury at work

One of our clients received compensation in an out of court settlement of £50,000 following an accident at work that left him with a broken back.

As a plumbing and Heating engineer he was sent up a ladder to the second floor of a newbuild as the stairwell had not yet been fitted. There was a site ladder in place which he climbed up. On returning to the ladder and attempting to climb down, the wooden frame the ladder was fastened on to fell apart causing the ladder to fall backwards and the claimant to fall around 35 feet to the floor. He landed on his back fracturing his L1 and L2 vertebrae and suffering other injuries as well. He will now always have a back problem as a result and regularly uses painkillers.

As a result of his broken back he now has a supervisory role rather than being involved in the heavy work that occurs on building sites. He can no longer lift his children or play with them as he would like too.

If you or a loved one has suffered a back injury while at work and it wasn't your fault, our specialist accident at work compensation team could help you to claim compensation. Read our Back Injury at Work Claims page for more information.

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