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Defective Pavement Fall Results in £5,000 Compensation

Our Public Liability team settled a claim for a man from Sheffield who suffered an accident caused by a defective pavement.

It was alleged that as he walked along Follett Road in Sheffield, his foot went into a dip in the pavement surface causing his right ankle to go over. Our client was unable to stop himself from falling and he fell to his right hand side landing in a hedge at the side of the pavement.

Our client, who was 20, sustained a sprained ankle together with severe lacerations to his right hand resulting in tendon damage which involved having to have surgery.

Pavement Claim

It was alleged that Sheffield City Council had failed to repair the area of pavement which represented a danger to pedestrians. They also failed to carry out an adequate or reasonable inspection of the area and, had they done so, the defect would most likely have been identified and repaired prior to our client’s accident.

Sheffield City Council initially denied liability for our client's accident alleging that they had a reasonable inspection system in place and that the defect had arisen in between their inspections for which they should not be held responsible.

Following further investigations and persistence by our team, liability was eventually accepted by the Council.

Following negotiations, our client accepted the sum of £5,000 compensation for the injuries that he sustained as a result of his fall on the defective pavement.

If you've been injured while on council property, our specialist personal injury solicitors could help you claim compensation. Visits our Claims Against The Council page for more information.

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