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Compensation For Slipping Accident In Pub

Slip Injury

Our Public Liability team recently settled a claim for a man from Sheffield who suffered an accident in a pub.

At the time of his accident, a band was playing in the pub and as a result it was extremely busy. He slipped on some spilled drink which had been left on the floor and not cleaned up. He landed on the floor hitting his head and nose against the floor and with his left arm underneath him.

Our client, who was 31, sustained a broken left arm and a broken nose.

It was alleged that the Broadfield Public House had failed in their duty towards our client in protecting his safety as a customer by failing to adopt a system of inspection and cleaning to ensure that the drinks were cleaned up as soon as possible to prevent customers slipping.

The insurers acting on behalf of the pub refused to accept liability for our client’s accident alleging that none of the staff received any report of an accident on that evening and that spillages were cleaned up as soon as they received notice that they were there.

It was therefore necessary to commence Court proceedings on our client’s behalf. We obtained evidence from other customers including one of the band members that there were spillages on the floor and that our client did indeed slip and fall.

The pub appointed solicitors to act on their behalf who continued to deny liability for our client's accident and it seemed likely that the matter would proceed to a trial. However, following our witness evidence being disclosed to the solicitors acting on behalf of the pub, they agreed to settle our client's claim out of court.

Following negotiations, our client accepted £6,600 compensation in final settlement of his claim.

If you've been injured due to a slip or trip, our personal injury solicitors could help you secure compensation. See our Slip & Trip Claims page for more information.

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