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Compensation for Slip in Shop

Our Client was shopping with her farther when they went to the Debenhams Store in Chester.

At the time they visited the store a cleaner was cleaning the front of a glass cabinet using a liquid sprayer/vaporizer. Unfortunately the liquid from the vaporizer was falling onto the floor, which was a linoleum floor. There were no warning signs displayed and the cleaner was not drying the floor.

While our client was walking through the cosmetics department of the shop talking to her father, she slipped on the liquid that the cleaner had spilled, causing her to injure her back.

As a result of the slip, our client accelerated the progress of a degenerative disc disease which had previously been stable. The symptoms were accelerated by up to 5 years.

We were successful in the case and a 4 figure sum was awarded to our client.

Our slip and trips claims team could help you secure compensation if you have suffered an injury in a supermarket or shopping centre. See our Supermarket & Shopping Centre Accident Claims page for more information.

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