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Compensation for Pleural Plaques and Asbestosis

Our client worked as a labourer for laggers employed by Simpkin Machin & Co. Ltd at Grimesthorpe coking plant and power station in 1957. He had to mix large quantities of powdered asbestos lagging with water to form a form of paste which was applied by hand to pipe work and boilers by laggers. The work of mixing lagging exposed our client to a lot of dust and fibres from the powdered asbestos he used.

Mr S subsequently developed pleural plaques and minimal asbestosis/fibrosis in his lungs. He suffered some breathlessness on exertion because of his asbestosis.

We issued a claim on behalf of our client. His claim was dealt with by solicitors instructed by the insurers for his former employer.

After hard-fought negotiations, our client's claim was settled shortly before trial for £30,000.

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