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Compensation For Electrician After Work Injury

An electrician has received nearly £8,000 in compensation after being injured at work.

Our client suffered an injury to the end of his left index finger including a fracture and disruption of the nail bed and involving a partial amputation of the tip.

The accident occurred as he was fixing wire cable trays to a wall, when a tray fell onto his hand. It was alleged that the gloves provided to our client were too thick to enable him to carry out the task.

Following the accident, thinner, more flexible gloves were provided.

A split on liability was agreed, with our client accepting a 15% reduction in compensation for contributory negligence.

His settlement was achieved with help from Louise Morgan of Irwin Mitchell’s Accidents at Work team.

She said, "It is important that employers carry out appropriate assessments to ensure that their employees are provided with suitable personal protective equipment for the tasks they are required to carry out."

Our serious injury solicitors could help you claim compensation if you have suffered an injury at work that resulted in the amputation of a limb. See our Amputation Claims page or Workplace Accident Claims page for more information.

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