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Claim for Negligent Matrimonial Proceedings

Liz Norris acted for Mr Knight in pursuing his former solicitors for negligence in the handling of his matrimonial proceedings.

Mr Knight had agreed monthly maintenance payments for his ex-wife and two children. Unfortunately, he was made redundant and overnight his financial circumstances changed dramatically, so much so that he was unable to continue to pay maintenance at the agreed levels. He agreed with his ex-wife that all maintenance payments would be suspended for a period to enable him the time to find alternative employment and improve his financial position. They both instructed solicitors as to the terms of this agreement and an order was drawn up. Unfortunately, Mr Knight's solicitors failed to ensure the order was approved by the court. This had the consequence that his ex-wife could (and did) apply to the magistrate’s court to enforce payment of maintenance for the period that they had agreed payments would be suspended.

Consequently, Mr Knight was left in an extremely difficult situation and was left having to pay a substantial sum by way of maintenance despite having agreed that it would not be payable.

Liz successfully negotiated for Mr Knight a payment from his former solicitors that represented a significant proportion of the additional maintenance that he had become responsible for.

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