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Irwin Mitchell Obtains Grant Of Probate For Executors Of Will

Our Estate Administration & Probate team helped two clients to administer the estate of their deceased parent.
The clients were the sons of the deceased. Both sons had been appointed as Executors of the Will but were not sure of their duties. The estate consisted of a property and a bank account, both of which were to pass to the two sons in equal shares.

A member of our Estate Administration & Probate team met with the sons to go through the process. We agreed to deal with obtaining the Grant of Probate and transferring the property to the sons. As the estate was relatively straightforward the sons were able to deal with the other aspects of the estate administration themselves.

Due to the simplicity a fixed fee was charged for obtaining the Grant of Probate. This meant that our clients knew exactly what the costs were going to be from the outset. The sons were advised that the whole process would take approximately three months but was actually completed within six weeks exceeding the clients’ expectations.

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