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Five Figure Sum For Family Of Man Killed By Mesothelioma

We secured more than £80,000 for the family of a former refuse plant worker who died from mesothelioma after being fatally exposed to asbestos decades before.

Our client, Mr L, worked at Westbury Works from the late 70s until 1999. He was employed by the company now known as LaFarge Tarmac Cement and Lime Limited; at the time it was called Associated Portland Cement Manufacturers Limited/Blue Circle Line Industries Limited.

Among the refuse processed at the plant were building materials containing asbestos. Mr L was exposed to the toxic dust and fibres whilst shovelling the refuse and overseeing its pulverisation in a hopper. He suffered further asbestos exposure whilst repairing and maintaining kilns at the plant, which had asbestos rope packing around their doors.

The lack of protective gear and proper safety regulations meant that for many years on a daily basis Mr L was inhaling the toxic substance that would eventually kill him. Exposure to asbestos is the only known cause of mesothelioma, a deadly cancer that is usually only diagnosed in its final stages, sometimes 30 or 40 years after the initial exposure to asbestos took place.  

Mr L came to us shortly before his death. Unfortunately he died before we could secure compensation for him – however, his sister continued the claim on his behalf and a settlement of £82,500 was reached, without the need to issue court proceedings.

The speed at which a person’s condition can deteriorate following a mesothelioma diagnosis means that many people do not live to see the benefits of the compensation they so rightly deserve, after being exposed to a deadly substance decades before through no fault of their own.

Laura Wilkinson, a solicitor specialising in asbestos related disease claims, represented Mr L and his family in his claim. Speaking about his case, she said: “Sadly, Mr L was unable to benefit from the compensation, but it did provide some form of justice for the loved ones he left behind.

“According to the latest projections, there will be 2,500 mesothelioma deaths each year for the rest of this decade. It is therefore vital that more research is done into the condition to help find a cure.”


Our expert mesothelioma claims team will provide you with free initial advice on your compensation claim if you or a loved on has been diagnosed with mesothelioma caused by asbestos exposure. See our Asbestos-Related Disease Claims Guide for more information.

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