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Settlement For Elderly Woman Hit By Car At Crossing

Irwin Mitchell helped an 82-year-old woman secure a settlement after she was seriously injured in a road traffic collision.

The woman was struck by a car on a pedestrian crossing. She hit the front of the car, collided with the windscreen and was thrown into the air, landing approximately 20 feet behind the vehicle. The driver did not see our client crossing the road and therefore did not attempt to brake.

Our client suffered a number of injuries including spinal fractures, rib fractures, tibia and fibula fractures to both sides, right sacral fractures, pubic ramus fractures, a right humeral fracture, a right scalp laceration and renal laceration. She had to undergo a number of operations and had a lengthy hospital stay before being allowed to return home.

The most striking element of our client’s claim was that at the time of her accident, she was highly independent. She lived alone, drove a car, attended computer classes and managed to maintain a two and a half acre garden. She used to saw off branches from trees and even cut fire wood, transporting it to her house using a wheel barrow.

Since the incident, the woman is now completely dependent on carers as she can no longer access local amenities from her home in a rural area. She struggles with walking and has to use a Zimmer frame to get around and suffers severe pain in her knees.

Liability was settled 80/20 in our client’s favour as it was argued that she did not look properly before using the crossing. Since being discharged from hospital, we have been obtaining interim payments for our client to fund her care, case management, gardening, physiotherapy and hydrotherapy.

In total, our road traffic accident solicitors have managed to obtain £410,000 in compensation for our client; this will pay for her care regime over the next few years.

In relation to the case, personal injury specialist Laura Murphy said: “Our client was an example of someone who remained very active and independent right into her early 80s.

“She sustained horrific injuries and made a good recovery thanks to the excellent hospital care and her own resilience and determination.

“However, she now requires a substantial amount of care and support, without which she would be totally isolated. I am really pleased we have been able to secure a settlement which secures her current care regime and continuing into the future.”

If you or a loved one has been injured in road traffic accident as a pedestrian, our pedestrian accident lawyers could help you claim compensation. Visit our Road Traffic Accident Compensation page for more information.

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