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Settlement For Woman After Suffering Spinal Fractures In Crash

Irwin Mitchell’s Serious Injury team helped to secure a settlement for a woman who sustained injuries to her spine in a car accident.

Our client was travelling on the motorway and had to stop due to traffic. The car behind continued to travel and hit the back of our client’s vehicle at 70mph. A further two cars were also involved in the pile up causing her vehicle to be written off with our client suffering significant back and leg injuries.

The woman had to be cut out of her car by the fire service and was rushed to hospital. It was confirmed that she had suffered fractured vertebrae, injuries to her collarbone and stomach and a water infection brought on by the impact of the seatbelt pulling her as her car was hit from behind. She also had pain in her hip and left foot.

Our client had to take around six months off work and had to wear a body brace for four and a half months to help with her recovery.

Serious injury specialists investigated the case and were able to secure an undisclosed out-of-court settlement for the insurers of the driver responsible for the crash. These funds will help to cover lost earning, physiotherapy and other medical treatment needed to help overcome her injuries.

Ardip Kahlon, an expert serious injury lawyer, represented the woman and said: “This type of crash on the motorway is all too common and can have a massive effect on people’s lives. This case highlights the importance of taking care to monitor other traffic on the motorway and for drivers to take responsibility for their actions on the roads.

“Our client has had to spend the past two years battling back, leg and hip injuries, not to mention the mental trauma of being involved in such a dramatic crash.

“Thankfully she is now back at work and is over the worst of her injuries. The settlement secured will hopefully give her and her family peace of mind that her lost earnings and the costs of any future treatments will now be taken care of.”

If you or a loved one has suffered an injury in a car accident, you may be able to claim compensation. See our Road Traffic Accident Claims page for more information

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