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Compensation Following Delayed Diagnosis Of Brain Tumour

Expert lawyers from Irwin Mitchell represented Sam, after medical staff failed to diagnose his brain tumour.

Around ten years ago, Sam started to experience persistent headache and earache. After visiting his GP, he was referred to a neurologist and then sent for various scans. Sam was informed that the scans were clear but he continued to suffer from worsening symptoms.

Eventually, Sam was referred to a different hospital for more scans. After analysis, doctors agreed that these showed an acoustic neuroma (a brain tumour which affects hearing and balance). Sam is clinically classified as blind so relies heavily on his hearing to function day-to-day. Our Clinical Negligence team obtained expert evidence which revealed that the tumour was visible on the scans taken many years earlier. Sam should have been diagnosed at that time.

The delayed diagnosis of the tumour denied Sam the option of radiotherapy treatment. Instead, the only choice left available to him was surgery to excise the tumour. Following the surgery, Sam was left with no functional hearing in one ear and problems with his balance. As Sam is visually impaired, the loss of hearing and his balancing difficulties have had a profound effect on his life, especially in terms of his independence.

Prior to the surgery, Sam was an avid runner and would run with assistance. However, he no longer has the confidence to do this. Sam’s loss of hearing has also impacted on his employment; he now finds it difficult to work in teams and struggled with situations which involve face-to-face interaction.

The Trust accepted responsibility for the misreporting of the scan and our team managed to secure a significant compensation sum on Sam’s behalf. These funds will enable Sam to obtain assistance and support for the future.

Alexandra Winch, a solicitor specialising in clinical negligence claims, said: “Sam’s case highlights how important it is for scan to be carefully examined and reported correctly. The failure to do so in his case had a devastating outcome for him which has greatly affected his life.

“The compensation he received will now help Sam to rebuild his life and obtain the support that he needs to live as independently as possible.”

If you or a loved one has suffered due to a delayed or misdiagnosed medical condition, our medical negligence solicitors could help you claim compensation. See our Medical Misdiagnosis Claims page for more information.

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