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Injured Student Secures Compensation Following Skiing Accident

Irwin Mitchell’s International Personal Injury team helped a student after he was involved in a collision whilst skiing in France.

Mr Igor Loskutnikov, 19, was enjoying a skiing trip at the Val d'Isère ski resort over the New Year. However, the novice skier’s holiday took a turn for the worse when he was collided into from behind by one of his party whilst attempting an easy green run.

The experienced skier and snowboarder crashed into Mr Loskutnikov because he failed to snowboard within a safe distance of our client. The collision caused the experienced skier’s snowboard to slice across Mr Loskutnikov’s right hand, resulting in a hospital stay and a ruined holiday.

Due to the accident, Mr Loskutnikov suffered serious damage to the tendons in his right hand and fingers which required immediate surgery to insert a new screw and plate before he could return to the UK.

The operation was fortunately successful and there was no need for further surgery. However, an expert Orthopaedic surgeon, who advised Mr Loskutnikov during his claim, said that the screw and plate would have to remain in his hand indefinitely. Our client continued to experience pain and discomfort so physiotherapy was arranged which assisted with his recovery. Despite these efforts, Mr Loskutnikov has been left with permanent residual symptoms as a result of the accident.

In addition to the pain caused by his injuries, the accident caused Mr Loskutnikov great disruption with his university studies and exams. When the incident occurred our client was in his second year of a business studies course at Leeds University. His injuries meant that he could not write for extended periods of time and he was therefore granted limited dispensation from the university examination board to finish his written exams.

Our client managed to enter his desired profession following his studies but his injuries often cause problems for him at work. Furthermore, Mr Loskutnikov has not been able to return to contact sports or resistance gym training.

Mr Loskutnikov’s solicitor, Joseph Dawson, acted on his behalf against the snowboarder, who was covered by her travel insurance company, and agreed a settlement of £22,500 in an out of court settlement. The sum accounted for the pain and suffering caused as a result of the collision and covered any expenses which occurred.

In relation to the case, Joseph said: “What was supposed to be an enjoyable ski break during the festive period resulted in several years of pain and suffering and which turned his life upside-down.

“Each year we represent many British skiers injured in skiing accident abroad. While the vast majority of injuries sustained on the slopes are minor, when things do go wrong, the impact on the lives of victims can be far-reaching. In this case, Igor suffered serious injuries requiring surgery and a period of rehabilitation. It also impacted on his studies as the accident happened part way through his course at university.

“As the winter sports season approaches, I would urge all holidaymakers to be aware of potential dangers on the slopes and, if they do suffer injury to seek appropriate help”

If you or a loved one has suffered an injury following a skiing accident abroad, our personal injury solicitors could help you to claim compensation. See our Skiing Injury Claims for more information.

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