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Settlement For Man After Suffering Hearing Loss Due To Working Conditions

Our personal injury specialists acted on behalf of a man who suffered hearing loss due to excessive noise exposure at work.

The man worked at the Ford Motor Company for around three years, working eight hours shifts, five days a week, with an additional two hours of overtime almost every shift. His role involved using loud machinery which our client described as being as loud as an aeroplane. The combination of noise from moulding units, conveyor belts, vibration units that shook sand, banging iron containers and clamping air pressure units created a sound so loud that colleagues had to shout or make hand signals to communicate when they were more than one metre away from each other.

Throughout our client’s time at the company, he was never given any hearing protection or training on the effects of excessive noise exposure. He never completed any health and safety questionnaires or underwent any hearing tests.

Our client’s hearing loss began a couple of years ago when he noticed that he had to ask people to repeat what they’d said. A loud ringing noise later developed and it became uncomfortable for the man to hear loud noises such as alarms and sirens. He can no longer hear the telephone ringing or the doorbell and struggles to have conversations as he finds it difficult to hear over background noise.

Initially our client thought his symptoms were simply caused by age but experts diagnosed tinnitus due to past exposure to noise at work.

Working with our team, the man secured a four figure settlement in respect of his pain and suffering.

Personal injury lawyer Mark Lennon helped our client. In relation to the case, he said: “Our client’s symptoms did not develop until a considerable time after his noise exposure had ceased; once the noise damage to his hearing combined with the normal hearing decline which occurs naturally with age.

“With cases of noise induced hearing loss on the rise currently, this case is a timely reminder of the need for employers to provide their workers with adequate hearing protection, to reduce the risk of hearing loss from working in noise.”

If you or a loved one has suffered from hearing damage such as acoustic shock, tinnitus, and noise-induced hearing loss caused by conditions at work our solicitors could help you claim compensation. See our Industrial Disease Claims page for more information.

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