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Four-Figure Settlement For Woman After Fall Down Unmarked Staircase

Irwin Mitchell’s Public Liability team helped a woman win compensation after she fell down an unmarked staircase and suffered severe soft tissue injuries to her shoulder and ankle.

Our client, Diane, had left a restaurant following dinner with her husband when she fell down the stairs, which was open and unseen in the dark.

We advised her to have the shoulder injury investigated, and Diane was subsequently diagnosed with a frozen shoulder and recommended an intensive rehabilitation programme of physiotherapy. She was initially unable to lift her arm above elbow height but following this intensive treatment, her condition improved greatly and will continue to do so.

Following disclosure of the medical evidence confirming Diane’s injuries, our lawyers negotiated a settlement of nearly £5000 plus payment of the legal costs.

Jessica Harrison, a personal injury expert at Irwin Mitchell, helped Diane with her claim. Commenting on the case, she said: “The rehabilitation has successfully returned Diane to her pre-accident state and provided a wealth of knowledge in respect of continuing exercises to increase her strength and independence.”

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