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Compensation Recovered For Head Injury Victim Of Road Traffic Accident

Irwin Mitchell’s road traffic accident team has recovered compensation for a man who suffered a head injury after colliding with a loose metal barrier.

Our client was involved in the accident in October 2011. His recollections are vague, but he has pieced together the circumstances of the crash by his own knowledge, other witnesses and CCTV footage. The next thing he recalls after driving his car is being sat in his vehicle with an ambulance crew around him.

A large metal bar was protruding through the windscreen above his head. It would seem that a metal barrier to the adjacent car park was loose and had been swinging out into the road. The end of the barrier hit the front of our client’s vehicle, breaking the windscreen and hitting the front of his head, causing his car to swerve towards the right and onto the pole.
He suffered a head injury with scalp laceration, cerebral bruising and loss of consciousness, post-traumatic headaches and persistent cerebellar-vestibular dysfunction. He took a month off work and was unable to drive during that time.
Katy Bailey, a personal injury specialist, secured £17,000 in an out of court settlement.

She said: ‘Head injuries can have devastating consequences and our client was somewhat fortunate not to have suffered even more serious effects after the accident. We hope that the compensation provides him with a degree of security as he comes to terms with his injury.’

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