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Compensation For Woman Following Negligent Haemorrhoid Surgery

A woman has received a four figure sum in compensation for the pain and suffering she endured following negligent haemorrhoid surgery.

In 2009, our client Mrs R went to see her GP after she had started to suffer from haemorrhoids whilst pregnant with her fifth child. Her GP made arrangements for her to be treated at the Emerson Green Treatment Centre, Bristol.

She attended a pre-operation appointment at the Treatment Centre in February 2010, to discuss the haemorrhoidectomy surgery she was to undergo, and was advised that she should be out the same day following surgery. Despite being given an NHS booklet relating to the procedure and being warned of some pain, R was not prepared or advised for the intensity or length of the pain she suffered.

The operation took place a month later, where she underwent a stapled haemorrhoidectomy. Following surgery, R suffered an incredible amount of rectal pain. She mentioned this to nurses who advised that this would decrease over the next three to four days.  It was diagnosed that she had a perianal haematoma and due to the pain she was suffering, she remained in the treatment centre for four days before being discharged with a prescription of painkillers and antibiotics.

After being discharged, the pain became unbearable and she was not able to walk, sit or even lie down comfortably, and she felt sick with pain and only ate to take her antibiotics. Due to this excessive pain, she returned to the Emerson Green Treatment Centre and was visually examined and advised to rest, place ice on the area and to continue on the painkillers and antibiotics.

Despite this advice, R continued to suffer from severe pain and was examined and told she had developed a stricture at the site of the operation and would require a further examination under sedation.

In March, she underwent this examination where the doctor attempted to stretch her bowel by hand to alleviate the stricture. During a follow-up appointment however, she was told that this had returned and so was referred to the Royal United Hospital in Bath.

At the Royal United Hospital, she was told that she would need to undergo another three to four procedures under anaesthetic. However, R decided against this due to her concerns with the previous procedures which had taken place. Later she developed further haemorrhoids and as a result, required a further haemorrhoidectomy which was carried out at different surgery in Bath.

Prior to these procedures, Mrs Robbins was very active, regularly attended the gym and enjoyed jogging and long walks. For almost two years following the initial operation, she was in pain and needed to use sanitary wear as the sores from the operation leaked. Bowel movement frequently caused bleeding and due to the use of laxatives she needed to take, on occasions she lost control of her bowel movements, which made her anxious to leave the house.

The care Mrs Robbins received at Emerson Green Treatment Centre was substandard and had the operation been carried out correctly, it is likely that she would have made a speedy recovery and not have suffered the pain, discomfort and embarrassment that resulted from the negligence.

Through the hard work of specialist solicitor Andrew Bowman at Irwin Mitchell’s Bristol office, a four figure sum in compensation has been secured.

If you or a loved one has suffered due to a surgical error or negligence, our clinical negligence solicitors could help you claim compensation. Visit our Surgery Claims page for more information.

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