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Preston Woman Injured In Road Traffic Collision Receives Five Figure Sum

Katy Bailey of our specialist personal injury department in Sheffield has been successful in claiming compensation for a Preston woman injured in a road traffic collision.

Our client, Lucy, was driving her car along Downs Road in Preston when a driver travelling in the opposite direction suddenly appeared from around the bend, lost control, and collided with her.

Lucy suffered multiple injuries including traumatic impingement of the right shoulder, seatbelt bruising to the chest and lower back pain, which took five months to settle down. Due to the collision, Lucy's pre-existing asymptomatic osteoarthritis of the acromioclavicular joint in her shoulder has accelerated by five years too.

Lucy’s shoulder injury was treated with steroid injections, physiotherapy and surgery. She initially took two days off work following the accident and a further three weeks following surgery. Lucy also required care and assistance from family members for activities including dressing, washing and drying hair, meal preparation, food shopping, cleaning, changing bedding and dog walking.

The driver who collided with her admitted he was at fault and, after a series of negotiations, Katy secured £37,000 compensation for Lucy in an out of Court settlement.

If you or a loved one has suffered an injury which has or might result in Osteoarthritis, our specialist solicitors could help you to claim compensation. Read our Osteoarthritis Compensation page for more information.

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