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Passenger Injured In Motorway Collision Wins Compensation

Personal injury specialists at Irwin Mitchell have helped a woman to claim over £8,000 in compensation after a road traffic accident.

The woman was injured in December 2009, whilst travelling on a motorway as a passenger.

Another vehicle collided with the rear of the car she was in, causing injuries which left her with pain in her neck, shoulders, lower back and buttocks.

As well as the physical injuries, she developed psychological symptoms, suffering from poor sleep due to nightmares and also anxiety.

She was unable to drive for 12 months following the accident and now avoids driving long distances as she has lost confidence in driving.

The woman also lost her job just a week after the accident because she was unable to concentrate and began making mistakes at work.

The solicitors representing the woman achieved over £8,000 in compensation in an out of court settlement, which she received in May this year.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a road traffic accident, our personal injury claims team could help you to secure compensation. Visit our Road Traffic Accident Compensation page for more information.

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