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Supermarket Pay Compensation To Man Who Tripped And Fell Outside Store

Lawyers at Irwin Mitchell’s Sheffield office have helped a man to claim over £57,000 in compensation after he fell outside a supermarket.

The man tripped on a raised piece of concrete and fell, causing significant injury to his left knee and a fracture to his ankle. The ankle fracture required a keyhole surgery procedure to examine and attempt to fix the fracture. It is likely the man will have further surgery to treat this ankle in the future.

The man already had a degenerative condition in his left knee which the accident has exacerbated. Medical experts predict that the injury he suffered during the fall has advanced the onset of symptoms of his degenerative condition by between seven and ten years.

The injury he suffered continues to affect him, impairing his ability to work, engage in day to day activities and also the hobbies he enjoyed prior to the accident.

The supermarket admitted that they were to blame for his fall and gave the man over £57,000 in compensation, without having to take the case to court.

Our serious injury solicitors could help you claim compensation if you have suffered a fracture or broken bone as the result of an accident. See our Broken Bone Or Fracture Claims page for more information.

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