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Man Receives Five Figure Sum Following Fall At Football Match

A man receives £4,000 in compensation following an injury whilst participating in a football match. 

The man was performing a sliding tackle when he suddenly slipped and suffered a deep cut to his right leg as a result of embedded stones all over the pitch.

After assessment in A&E, he was advised the wound was so dirty that he required x-rays. Dirt was embedded in the wound and his leg required further investigation. 

The man suffered from excruciating pain as the dirt was embedded near the joint and he had to undergo surgery the next morning. Further surgery was then required due to his leg becoming infected.

It was said that pitch inspections were undertaken twice per week at the venue the football match took place.

Following assistance from Irwin Mitchell, the man received £4,000 in compensation for his injuries.

If you've suffered a football injury due to a reckless tackle or poorly kept facilities, our sports injury claims specialists could help you claim compensation. See our Football Injury Claims page for more information.

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