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Compensation For Man Who Suffered From Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Following Car Accident

£15,000 has been secured in compensation for a driver who was injured and suffered from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) after he was in a collision when his car skidded on black ice.

In December 2009, our client was travelling with his family in their car. The roads were covered in snow and there were clear track marks from previous vehicles travelling down the same route.

As he was driving his car down the dual carriageway, he was careful and made sure he drove in the previous tracks already made in the road.  When exiting a roundabout he felt the back end of his vehicle move. There appeared to be a clearer path on the inside lane, therefore he moved lanes thinking it would be safer.

He did not realise this clearer spot was black ice. His car slid to one side and went up the banking beside the road. At the top, the car began to slide back down and as it did so, the car rolled over. Our client was trapped in his vehicle for a short period of time, where he began to smell petrol and feared the vehicle may burst into flames, with him and his family inside.

Following the accident, our client suffered from pain and stiffness in his neck, low back, left shoulder and left hip. He also developed poor concentration, forgetfulness, irritability loss of confidence, nightmares and flashbacks. As such, he was also diagnosed with PTSD.

Our client was unable to work for one month, and thereafter his quality of work worsened due to the ongoing mental health issues.

Due to both the physical and mental suffering and loss of earnings which resulted from the accident, £15,000 was received in compensation in an out of Court settlement.

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