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Compensation Received For Woman Who Tripped In Legoland Gift Shop

Irwin Mitchell helped a 38-year-old woman from Cheshire receive over £3,000 in damages following an incident in Legoland, Windsor, when she was tripped by a large plinth, which jutted into a walkway.

What Happened?

The incident took place in the Legoland gift shop, which is designed to focus the eyes of visitors towards the many items for sale. There was a plinth positioned in such a way that it was out of the gaze of shoppers, and as our client browsed the products on offer, she tripped on the plinth and severely hit her head. 

How Was Our Client Affected?

Our client suffered nausea, headaches and residual pain for over a year as a result of the accident. This was not the first incident of shoppers tripping in this way, and after accepting liability, Legoland have now compensated the client for her injuries that were caused as a result of the accident.

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