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Man Injured At Holiday Cottage Receives Compensation

Our client was injured whilst holidaying in Troutbeck, Cumbria in August last year. He had rented a holiday cottage through a holiday letting company. There was a large patio area which appeared to be quite new with a drop from the patio to the grassed area. As our client walked across the patio to access the grassed area, three of the slate slabs became loose and he fell to the ground.  In doing so he injured both his legs.  

Our client went to hospital where he was told he required stitches to a tear of the lower leg and his right heel. His wounds subsequently became infected and he had to go back to hospital for his dressings to be changed.  He was off work for 10 days and has been left with scarring.

A claim was made against the owner of the holiday cottage who passed the claim to sub-contractors who had erected the patio. They admitted liability for the client's accident paying him £3,500 compensation in full and final settlement together with his legal costs.

It transpired that there had previously been complaints about the patio which had been erected without proper planning permission.

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