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Man Died As A Result Of Negligent Treatment In Hospital

Irwin Mitchell’s specialist Medical Negligence team in Leeds have helped the family of man to secure compensation after he died as a result of negligent treatment whilst in hospital.

J’s father was admitted to hospital in April 2010 after being unwell for several days.
It was thought that he had a chest infection and was suffering from dehydration. He was discharged from hospital with IV antibiotics and fluids. Three days later, J’s father was re-admitted to hospital after suffering a suspected stroke.
Because he was re-admitted to hospital, he missed the last four days of antibiotics which he had been prescribed previously.
A CT scan was performed which found that he had not had a stroke, but J’s father remained on the stroke ward with no treatment in place. He deteriorated during this time and developed a pressure sore at the base of his spine. He was discharged about a week later but was quickly readmitted to hospital, two days later with confusion, dehydration and a worsening pressure sore.
After one month in hospital, J’s father was discharged. Sadly, he died two days later at home. He was 79 years old at the time. By the time J’s father died, he had received a lack of essential nutrition and the pressure damage had worsened. 
Liam Riley, a Solicitor in the Medical Law and Patients' Rights team at Irwin Mitchell in Leeds, assisted J and an investigation was carried out into the standard of care that was provided to J’s father.
It was found that he should not have been discharged from hospital on the first occasion because the community care team were not equipped to provide the correct IV antibiotics and fluids that J’s father needed. It was also found that the hospital staff provided substandard nursing care, which led to the development and worsening of the pressure sore. Whilst in hospital, J’s father received inadequate nutrition which worsened the condition of his skin. The deterioration of J’s father’s condition, along with his weakness and frailty due to poor nutrition whilst in hospital meant that his chest infection worsened.
He was not provided with adequate antibiotics and fluids and this ultimately caused his death.
J approached Irwin Mitchell Solicitors following her father’s death. It was found that, had J’s father received adequate care and the necessary IV fluids whilst in hospital, he may have recovered from the infection and may have gone on to live for approximately another twelve – eighteen months.

J received a five figure sum of compensation from the Hospital Trust that was responsible for caring for her father.

If somebody close to you has died because of negligent medical care, our medical negligence solicitors could help you to claim the compensation you deserve. Visit our Fatal Medical Negligence Claims & Inquests page for more information.

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