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Machine Operator Claims Against Hearing Loss Caused over 50 Years Ago

Irwin Mitchell has helped a man seek compensation after he found that his hearing was deteriorating.

The man now aged 75, worked for a mill in Huddersfield from the 1950s to the 1980s as a designer. As designer, the man’s office was situated next to the floor, which housed a number of looms. The man also spent a lot of time on the shop floor.

During his employment with the mill, the man was not provided with ear protection, despite the excessive noise produced by the looms, which were running constantly.

The man found in later life, his hearing was deteriorating and found following conversations and listening to music and watching the TV difficult.

The man therefore instructed Irwin Mitchell, who took on his case and instructed a medical expert to provide a report regarding the man’s hearing loss. It was found that the man’s hearing could have been prevented with the provision of ear protection.

With the help of Irwin Mitchell, the man was able to secure in the region of £3000 as a result of his hearing loss.

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