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Five Figure Out Of Court Settlement Successfully Agreed For Woman Injured In Supermarket Car Park

Irwin Mitchell have successfully claimed compensation for a 63 year old Wolverhampton lady injured who was injured whilst pushing her trolley in a supermarket car park.

What happened?

Whilst pushing her trolley to her car, one of the wheels dropped down a large pot hole, causing the trolley to topple and for her to fall onto her side.

How was she hurt?

Our client was initially tended to by the store first aider, but when the pain did not subside she went to her GP where she was told she had damaged the soft tissue in her arm and shoulder, as well as exacerbated her existing lower back condition.

What was the outcome?

Reiss Matthews, an Irwin Mitchell personal injury specialist, dealt with the claim. J Sainsbury admitted liability for our client’s accident and a five figure out of court settlement was successfully agreed.

If you've been injured in a supermarket and it wasn't your fault, our personal injury claims team could help you claim compensation. See our Supermarket Accident Compensation Claims page for more information.

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