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Cyclist Hit By Car Wins Compensation

Personal injury specialists at Irwin Mitchell have helped a man to claim compensation after he was hit by a car, whilst cycling.

The accident happened in September 2009 when he was cycling to his local newsagents. As he approached a “T” junction, a car came from his left, with the intention of turning right into the road the cyclist was on, but the car came into the road on the wrong side, heading directly towards him.

He was unable to avoid the vehicle as the kerb on his left prevented him from getting onto the pavement and the wheels of his bicycle were in the gutter. The impact of the car threw him from his bicycle, causing him to fall heavily on the pavement.

The accident caused tissue and joint injury to his right elbow and also a strain to his lower back. He had to take a week of work to recover from his injuries.

The driver of the car admitted liability for the accident and the cyclist was awarded £15,000 in an out of Court settlement this year.

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