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Man Injured In Snowboarding Accident In France

Irwin Mitchell’s specialist International Travel Litigation team are representing a man who was injured in a snowboarding accident in Vars Les Claux, France, in 2007.

Our client, Mr Paget, was following his wife down one of the slopes on his snowboard. As he neared the bottom of the slope, another skier ran into the back of him at a considerable speed. As a result of the impact, Mr Paget was knocked unconscious for around one and a half hours. Once Mr Paget was regained consciousness inside a local Mountain Rescue building, he was transferred by ambulance to the resort's medical centre.

As a result of the accident, Mr Paget sustained a whiplash injury and bruising to his left shoulder and rib cage. He also suffered from a head injury, despite wearing a helmet at the time of the impact.

When Mr Paget returned to the UK, he was referred for physiotherapy. However, he continued to suffer from pain in his shoulder and therefore underwent surgery in August and October 2008.

Mr Paget now also suffers from forgetfulness and a lack of concentration, which is being investigated by a specialist.

With the assistance of a French lawyer, Irwin Mitchell has instigated a claim against the skier in France, in order to obtain a suitable outcome for Mr Paget. However, there has been no formal admission of liability from the skier at this time.

The team continues to liaise with the defendant to secure settlement for Mr Paget.

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