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Irwin Mitchell Representing Client Who Suffered Burns To Her Mouth From Teeth Whitening

Irwin Mitchell's specialist personal injury team are representing a client who suffered burns to her mouth whilst undergoing a teeth whitening procedure.

Our client went to a salon for the second of three, ten minute, sessions of teeth whitening. During the second session her mouth began to burn. The application of treatment was stopped immediately and cooling gel was applied to our client's lips and gums.

Blisters began to appear immediately. Our client suffered blisters to her lips which lasted approximately six weeks, blisters to her gums which lasted approximately five months and a burning sensation to her lips and gums which lasted approximately six months.

As a result of the injury our client has been left with severe hypersensitivity to her teeth, for which she has received desensitising treatment at her dental surgery and has had to change her dental hygiene regime to use sensitive toothpaste. It is likely that this symptom with continue for the foreseeable future.

Liability has been admitted by the defendants and Irwin Mitchell is now in the process of collating evidence in support of our client's claim for compensation.

It is hoped that lessons are learnt from this incident and that safety standards at salons providing treatments of this nature are improved so that injuries of this type cannot occur in future.

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