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Woman Receives Payout After Fall At Friends House

Irwin Mitchell has recently represented a woman who fractured her foot whilst socialising with friends.

Anoka Edwards was attending a dinner party at a friend’s home in July 2012 when she slipped on some wet decking. It had been raining throughout the day and the decking was damp. The decking had never been treated or cleaned since her friends had bought the property.

As a consequence of her slip, Anoka’s ankle swelled up and she visited the A&E which showed she had sustained a fracture to the fibula with damage to the ligaments. She had to have a plaster cast fitted and was given crutches.

Subsequently, she was told the fracture was displaced and she then had to undergo surgery to insert a metal plate and screws. This was followed by physiotherapy.

Anoka suffered a huge amount of discomfort and after the operation and reacted badly to the anaesthetic. She has since been left with a scar and is unable to wear heels and finds it difficult to walk on uneven surfaces.

The accident has had a huge impact on her social and domestic life.

Martin Hayward, Personal Injury Solicitor of Irwin Mitchell was successful in acting on behalf of Anoka and settled the claim for £18,000.

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