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Medical Negligence Leads To Excessive Pain Following Knee Surgery

Irwin Mitchell's specialist Medical Negligence and Patients Rights team in Birmingham have secured compensation for a man who suffered negligent treatment relating to knee surgery.

Our client, Martin, had visited the hospital complaining of bilateral knee pain. The doctor who examined him noted that he had osteoarthritis in both knees, with a possible tear in the right knee. He recommended an operation on the right knee and an injection to the left knee.

These procedures were performed; however, several weeks later, Martin went back to the hospital for review where the same doctor saw that he had some limitation of movement in his right knee with extensive bruising. He recommended physiotherapy and a further review.

By the time of the next review, Martin’s knee was extremely swollen causing him a great deal of pain. The same doctor then aspirated and injected Martin’s knee again. These problems continued to persist, and so an MRI scan was organised which displayed severe osteoarthritis in his knee.

Martin then went back to the doctor with similar symptoms in his left leg. Following the advice of his doctor, Martin had his knees manipulated and injected under anaesthetic. Eventually, Martin had to have a total knee replacement on his right knee.

Martin was progressing well for several months until his left leg was injected again. A few weeks after this injection, Martin complained of persisting symptoms of instability and pain in the right knee. The doctor said that this was due to soft tissue balancing and planned for him to undergo a further procedure to correct this.

Martin was again progressing well, with increased movement in his knee, even though there was still a lot of swelling and pain in the left knee. Several months later, the right knee seemed to be progressing but the left knee was deteriorating due to pain and instability. X-rays showed arthritis of the left knee and subsequently Martin went in for a left knee replacement.

After a recommendation from Martin’s physiotherapist, he sought a second opinion. It was noted by Martin’s new consultant that his right lower leg was not properly aligned.

Martin then had these problems correctly rectified, however, is still left with significant residual symptoms.

Martin’s solicitor Victoria Blankstone, an expert in clinical negligence claims, investigated the case and secured a settlement of compensation. It was found that if this negligent treatment had not occurred, Martin would have had a successful knee replacement without the need for any further revision surgery.

If you or a loved one has suffered as a result of hospital negligence, we may be able to help you claim compensation. See our Medical Negligence Guide for more information.

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