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Man Receives Payout After Forklift Truck Accident

Irwin Mitchell has recently represented a man, after he was crushed by a forklift truck whilst he was at work.

Andrew Jones was involved in a work accident in March 2010 when he was carrying out deliveries. Andrew had returned to the works yard with his lorry and had parked in the loading bay. Andrew was stood in the loading bay area beside the vehicle as a forklift truck operator was moving pallets from the side of the lorry.

Facing towards his vehicle, Andrew was suddenly knocked to the floor. The driver of another forklift truck has reversed his truck into Andrew, causing him a crushing injury to his right ankle and left foot. Andrew sustained injury to his right ankle, which was bruised, painful and swollen.

He was diagnosed with a fractured tibia. He received fractures to his 2nd, 3rd and 4th metatarsal bases. Andrew also suffered with nervousness and anxiety. Both ankles and feet were immobilised in a cast for several weeks. Initially, he used a pair of crutches for three months and underwent physiotherapy treatment. He was unable to stand for long periods, unable to climb ladders, or walk on uneven surfaces.

Andrew was required to take regular painkillers and suffered frequent flashbacks, felt low and tearful. He took seven to eight months off work and returned on reduced hours. He was also unable to carry out domestic tasks such as cleaning, washing, cooking and ironing for the first six to seven months and his sleep was impaired.

Andrew’s company admitted liability and Irwin Mitchell was successfully able to recover £22,000 in an out of court settlement in February 2012.

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