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Man Crushes Foot In Accident At Work

Irwin Mitchell’s specialist accident at work team has successfully achieved compensation for a man who was seriously injured in an accident in a steel foundry.

Mr A was working as a burner at the time of the accident when a heavy steel cast, which was not secured, fell crushing his foot. Mr A was immediately taken to hospital and had to undergo two operations in order to treat his injuries.

Lisa Fairclough, a solicitor in Irwin Mitchell’s specialist workplace accident team represented Mr A and successfully negotiated an out of court settlement to cover Mr A’s injuries and financial losses, after Mr A’s employers admitted being at fault for the accident.

Ms Fairclough said “Although Mr A was wearing protective boots the weight of the cast he was working with was very high and his boot was unable to protect him from injury.  It is key that safe systems of working and handling such weights are adopted in workplaces where this sort of work goes on.  Mr A has been fortunate to recover relatively well but still has some ongoing problems; others involved in similar incidents have needed amputations so it’s important that lessons are learned from this sort of incident”.

Our expert personal injury lawyers could help you make a No Win No Fee compensation claim if you’ve been injured by a falling object at work. See our Falling Object Claims page for more information.

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