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Man Awarded Compensation After Workplace Accident

Our client was in the process of loading materials onto a conveyor belt when a crane hook became caught on the conveyor. Suddenly the crane hook worked free, sprung up and hit our client in the side of his head.

The blow caused a fracture to our client’s cheekbone and some minor damage to his hearing. He has also experienced psychological symptoms from thoughts of the accident that could well have killed him.

Lisa Fairclough, of the serious injury team at Irwin Mitchell, specialises in workplace injuries. She said of our client that he "was quite badly hurt but was really quite lucky not to have been killed by the force of the hook hitting his head.  Fortunately he has survived relatively unscathed and I am pleased that we have been able to assist him in obtaining compensation of £19,000 from his employers in respect of the unsafe equipment and work methods in place at the time".

If you or a loved one has suffered an injury at work, our personal injury lawyers could help you claim compensation. Visit our Accident At Work Compensation page for more information.

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