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Dog Attack Results in Permanent Scarring

Our client, who was a minor at the time, suffered facial scarring after being attacked by a dog and been awarded £5,750 in compensation.

Jason was playing with other children and a dog in the garden of a neighbour on 27 July 2007.  The dog was freely running around the garden despite Jason being present as a lawful visitor.  As Jason bent down to pick something up, the dog lunged without warning and bit his face.  The dog owner admitted responsibility.

Jason suffered wounds to his face and was taken to Hospital where the wounds were cleaned and sutured, unfortunately however, he was left with permanent facial scarring.

We helped Jason reach a settlement at an approval hearing at Court where damages were agreed between the parties.

Katrina Elsey from our Public Liability Team dealt with Jason’s case said “This case demonstrates that dog owners need to ensure that they remain responsible for their pets when visitors come to their property. Dog attacks have devastating effects to individuals and as can be seen from this case.  Unfortunately, dog bite victims are often left with permanent scarring.”

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