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Compensation For Man Injured By A Falling Object At Work

Our accidents at work team recently helped a man to claim compensation after he was injured by a falling object at work.

The man was working as an Exchange Construction Engineer at the time of the accident. He was working off site in a Transmission Room when a metal plate, which should have been secured, fell and hit him on the shoulder. The incident left the engineer with a laceration injury.

Following the incident, the engineer contacted work accident experts at Irwin Mitchell to discuss making a compensation claim. With our assistance, he was able to claim £2,750 in compensation.

We settled the engineer’s claim within just three months and he was able to return to work after recovering from his injuries.

Sophie Davies, a Legal Executive from Irwin Mitchell's Sheffield office said: “We are often contacted by clients who have been injured by falling objects at work. A falling object can cause serious injury should it happen to hit a worker, so we urge employers to do all that they can to minimise the risk of similar incidents taking place in their workplace.

“In this particular case we were able to help our client to claim compensation within just three months of the accident, which is a particularly quick turnaround and very unusual for a case of this kind.”

Our expert personal injury solicitors could help you make a No Win No Fee compensation claim if you’ve been injured by a falling object at work. See our Falling Object Claims page for more information.

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