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Compensation Awarded To Man Struck By Collapsing Wall

Irwin Mitchell’s work-place injury team have successfully recovered compensation for a man who suffered serious injuries when part of an internal wall fell on him while he was working to dismantle it.

Our client had been employed with several other colleagues to remove the internal wall of an industrial building. However, our client was untrained, had no previous experience of such an operation and was offered nothing in the way of safety equipment, supervision or guidance by the contractor or the owner of the premises.

Stephen Nye, a partner at Irwin Mitchell’s Birmingham office led the successful claim. He said: "This was an accident that was almost inevitable in the circumstances. There had been a complete disregard of the health and safety of the workers asked to undertake the tasks. No proper risk assessments were undertaken and no training, equipment or supervision was even considered. This could so easily have been far more serious, in terms of injury to my client and his colleagues. The compensation settlement recovered covers the significant losses my client incurred during a prolonged period of treatment in hospital.”

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