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73 Year Old Man Injured When Car Hoist Broke

A 73 year old man was involved in an accident  in May last year when his car hoist suddenly broke. 

The Brig-Ayd Controls Limited hoist was fitted to his car by Clark and Partners, in order to allow him to load and unload his mobility scooter into the back of his car.

The man was on holiday at the time of the accident. He was in the process of loading his scooter into the car when there was sudden load bang. The scooter was hurled from the car, striking his chest and right shoulder and knocking him to the ground. The scooter then landed on the client where he lay.

Passersby assisted him but he was left with injuries to his chest and shoulder.

A claim was brought against both Brig-Ayd Controls and Clark and Partners, then settled in the sum of £4,000 damages for the client.

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