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Man Is Awarded Compensation After A Fall Requires Reconstructive Surgery

In October 2007 a man was working with prisoners in the prison’s kitchen when he slipped on the tiled floor, falling heavily on the ground.

The fall caused the man a twisting injury to his knee, resulting in torn ligaments in an area that is known for its slow healing.

The man was taken to hospital to undergo reconstructive surgery on his knee which required the removal of part of the ligament. He also underwent a course of physiotherapy but was unable to regain full movement in his knee until he underwent further treatment under anaesthetic.

In January 2012 the man received a settlement of £11,237 despite the defendants initially disputing liability. The man required 5 months off work to recover fully.

Although symptoms such as pain and difficulty performing daily tasks have now subsided, the injuries mean that the man has been unable to play football for the prison team and his local team since the accident.

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