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Compensation For Passenger Injured In Road Traffic Collision

Our client was involved in a road traffic accident in December 2010.  He was travelling as a back seat passenger in a motor vehicle which was hit to the side by another vehicle which had suddenly pulled out of a side road.

Following the collision our client attended A&E as he was experiencing pains and stiffness in his neck, left shoulder and back. He was advised he had sustained a whiplash injury and advised to rest and take painkillers. In the days following the accident the client's pains did not ease, becoming more severe and he therefore attended his GP who advised he had sustained soft tissue injuries. He was also advised not to train or compete as a Professional Boxer as this could have greatly effected his recovery.

Our client underwent a course of physiotherapy to aid recovery.  He was scheduled to box in a show, tickets already having been sold but, due to his injuries, this had to be cancelled and our client, therefore, lost income as he was unable to fight. A further show which was scheduled to be broadcast live on Sky TV also had to be cancelled as he had still not recovered from his injuries, again losing remuneration. A third show was also cancelled due to our Client’s continuing symptoms.

The driver of the other vehicle admitted liability and our client recovered £6,800 in an out of Court settlement.

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